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What is EGS?

A Geological Service for Europe

EuroGeoSurveys is a not-for-profit organisation representing the Geological Surveys of Europe. Through the collaborative research and activities of our Expert Groups and Task Forces, and provision of open-access, harmonised geological maps, data, and data infrastructure, we provide the European Institutions, regulators, industry, and the public, with expert, balanced and practical pan-European geoscience data and advice to guide policy and to address key societal challenges.

Expert Groups

Collaboration is our strength

Hundreds of experts from The Geological Surveys of Europe are engaged in our Expert Groups, carrying out research that directly tackles today’s diverse societal challenges and helps to build a sustainable future for us all.

Sustainable Development Goals

Geoscience for a sustainable future

EuroGeoSurveys delivers Geoscience for Society. While our members – The Geological Surveys of Europe – are as diverse as the geoscience they work on, they have a common drive to deliver the harmonised pan-European geoscience data and expertise needed to make sound, EU-level social, environmental and economic decisions for a sustainable future. When it comes to European geoscience, only the combined Geological Surveys of Europe have the data, the expertise and the strong collaborative network to achieve this.

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