The Urban Geo-climate Footprint

The Urban Geo-climate Footprint (UGF) is a new approach, designed by geologists from the Geological Survey of Italy (ISPRA), based on a tool aiming to classify and cluster cities from […]

EuroGeoSurveys 50th Anniversary Conference

EuroGeoSurveys celebrated 50+ years of collaboration between the Geological Surveys of Europe as well as their continued collaboration towards the development of a Geological Service for Europe. The anniversary celebration, […]

Earth Futures Festival

EuroGeoSurveys are delighted to announce that the video submitted by EuroGeoSurveys from footage supplied by member surveys was selected for inclusion in the Earth Futures Festival 2022 as an “Official […]

The two wide maps data sets of EuroGeoSurveys

The European Commission has recently adopted a European strategy for data ‘COM(2020) 66’1, which foresees a data-driven innovation approach from which all the stakeholders involved in the European Green Deal […]

EuroGeoSurveys condemns russian invasion of Ukraine

EuroGeoSurveys (EGS) condemns the invasion of Ukraine and the ongoing war waged by the Russian Federation Although we note that an impressive number of Russian scientists have courageously distanced themselves […]