EuroGeoSurveys 50th Anniversary event on 27 October 2022
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To celebrate 50 years of geoscience in Europe, EuroGeoSurveys is holding an event to celebrate their achievements and experiences of the past and present, and highlight the path towards a sustainable Geological Service for Europe.

Since 1971, EuroGeoSurveys has supported the Geological Surveys of Europe in actively collaborating to provide European Institutions with expert, neutral, balanced and practical advice on pan-European geoscience issues including:

  • The management of subsurface resources, including energy, minerals, water and soil
  • The identification, monitoring and mitigation of natural geohazards
  • Environmental and waste management, and land-use planning
  • Sustainable urban development and safe construction
  • The development of and access to interoperable, harmonised and open geoscientific data on a European scale

To watch the livestream event on 27th October, or download the programme or brochure, please go to the 50th Anniversary page

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