EGS and the GSEU Project Join Forces to Advance Offshore Renewable Energy in Europe
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EuroGeoSurveys and the Geological Service for Europe (GSEU) project welcome the recognition of the key role of the subsurface in accelerating renewable energy.

The GSEU project is specifically addressing these topics in its work package “Coastal vulnerability assessment & optimised offshore windfarm siting” and will deliver a pan-European inventory of seabed and subsurface parameters influencing the cost, stability, and performance of offshore wind farms in shallow and deep waters, with the intention of expediting the deployment of renewable energy projects. EuroGeoSurveys and the GSEU project recognise the importance of allocating space for offshore renewable energy projects, implementing a maritime spatial planning strategy, and utilising or building upon existing spatial planning data. Maritime spatial planning is an essential tool to ensure the coexistence of different uses of the sea, enabling long-term planning at an early stage while ensuring sustainability.

EuroGeoSurveys and the GSEU project also agree on the necessity for, and are actively contributing to, knowledge transfer between Member States with more experience in identifying and designating dedicated areas for renewable energy and those with less experience.

Read our detailed feedback here.

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