EuroGeoSurveys feedback on the GreenData4All Initiative
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Achieving the energy transition and the Green Deal depend on FAIR data for the sustainable use of the subsurface and its contained resources: critical raw materials, geothermal energy, space for storage of hydrogen, compressed air and other sustainable energy carriers, CO2 or nuclear waste; as well as analysis, monitoring, modelling, and management of soils, groundwater, and geohazards (land subsidence, landslides, earthquakes, coastal zone instability, drought, and flood) considering the ‘Do No Significant Harm’ principle. Data, information, and knowledge of the subsurface are indispensable to achieve Europe’s net zero goals and the UN Sustainable Development Goals. EuroGeoSurveys – and our vision of a future sustainable Geological Service for Europe – enables sustainable and responsible use of our subsurface resources through provision of harmonized pan-European subsurface (geoscientific) data, information, and knowledge.

EGS Feedback (PDF)

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