EuroGeoSurveys supports EU Critical Raw Materials Act on World Earth Day
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On the occasion of World Earth Day, celebrated on 22nd April every year, with the theme of Invest in Our Planet, EuroGeoSurveys reaffirms its commitment to delivering Geoscience for Society through its experts in various fields. The organisation’s collaborative efforts directly support the green energy transition and Europe’s net-zero future, which aligns with this year’s theme.

In this regard, EuroGeoSurveys welcomes the proposed EU Critical Raw Materials Act, which recognises the key role that European Geological Surveys play in generating, delivering, and interpreting the harmonised geoscientific data needed to understand the European subsurface. This data is critical for driving exploration investment and discovering critical raw materials, which is essential for boosting future domestic raw materials supply and security.

The proposed EU Critical Raw Materials Act and the Geological Service for Europe are aligned in emphasising the crucial importance of harmonised subsurface data, information, and knowledge to enhance future European domestic critical raw materials supply and security.

The Geological Service for Europe will have a vital role in implementing the Act, making it a crucial aspect of Europe’s green energy transition and net-zero future.

Furthermore, EuroGeoSurveys recognises the Dublin Declaration, a commitment to supporting the development of EU policy through participation in the Geological Service for Europe project. The declaration acknowledges the importance of efficient and sustainable management of earth resources, to meet the growing demand for critical raw materials required for green energy technologies and geothermal development. The Geological Surveys of Europe provide data and knowledge of the subsurface and advise on national and EU policy on the supply of critical minerals necessary for these technologies. The signatories pledge to work collaboratively to advance the mission and vision of the Geological Service for Europe.

On this World Earth Day, let us invest in our planet and support initiatives like the proposed EU Critical Raw Materials Act and EuroGeoSurveys’ efforts to deliver Geoscience for Society. Together we can create a sustainable and resilient future for ourselves and future generations.

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