EuroGeoSurveys Welcomes Proposed Acts for a Sustainable Europe
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EuroGeoSurveys is delighted to welcome the proposed Critical Raw Materials (CRM) Act and Net Zero Industry (NZI) Act as essential steps toward a sustainable and responsible future for Europe.

The CRM Act acknowledges the crucial role of subsurface resources, including critical raw materials, geothermal energy, and storage solutions for sustainable energy carriers. EuroGeoSurveys supports the implementation of this Act as the scientific reference partner of the EU, leveraging our expertise and vast network to ensure the successful transition towards the Green Deal. Protecting the subsurface resources, including groundwater, from potential risks is a priority, and we are committed to providing the indispensable data, information, and knowledge needed to achieve Europe’s goals regarding CRMs.

Likewise, EuroGeoSurveys is fully supportive of the Net Zero Industry Act, recognizing the significance of decarbonizing the industry and achieving climate neutrality targets. Our longstanding involvement in activities related to the 2009 CCS Directive demonstrates our dedication to sustainable practices. The GeoEnergy Expert Group’s continuous efforts and our members’ involvement in preparing national and pan-European CO2 storage atlases emphasise our commitment to accelerating the implementation of CCS in-country.

EuroGeoSurveys remains committed to delivering subsurface knowledge as the foundation of a sustainable future for Europe. We look forward to continuing our partnership with the EU and supporting the achievement of these important legislative initiatives for the benefit of all European citizens.

Click here to learn more/download the EuroGeoSurveys feedback on the proposed regulation for:

A Critical Raw Materials Act (PDF).

A Net Zero Industry Act (PDF).

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