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9th Open Session of the International Geoscience Programme Council and Geoparks Information Session

March 12 - 14:0017:30

| Paris, France

Developing an advanced understanding of the Earth’s fundamental processes and resources is essential to reaching UN Sustainable Development Goals. The International Geoscience and Geoparks Programme, with its two pillars, the International Geoscience Programme (IGCP) and UNESCO Global Geoparks, aims to enable UNESCO Member States to use the UNESCO designated sites as learning sites for inclusive and comprehensive approaches to environmental, economic and social aspects of sustainable development.

The International Geoscience Programme Council will assemble in closed session from 10-12 March 2024 to evaluate 29 ongoing IGCP projects. The outcomes of the last International Geoscience Programme Council meeting will be shared during this open session, as well as an overview of IGCP projects and new geopark applications.

The Open Session that will be held on 12 March 2024, will allow council members to communicate the major outcomes of the IGCP council meeting and to present an overview of IGCP projects in 2023. An information sheet on each International Geoscience Programme theme and the 2023 annual report will be made available online.

On the occasion of the Open Session, and within the framework of the UNESCO Global Geoparks, new geopark applications, as well as one application for area extension, will be presented. An information sheet on each application will be made available online in early March, and the link will be included here.

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Paris, France