“Mineral Resources and their potential contribution to growth” Conference in Cyprus
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The conference “Mineral Resources and their potential contribution to growth” was successfully held on 20 – 22 November 2014 in Nicosia, Cyprus, with the participation of 84 scientists including a representative from EuroGeoSurveys. The outcomes arising from the presentations and discussions that took place are listed below:

  1. There are significant deposits of mineral resources (energy, metallic minerals, industrial minerals, etc.) both in Greece and Cyprus, which if exploited according to the principles of sustainable development, can contribute greatly to the economic growth of both countries.
  2. The research and application of innovative exploitation and production methods are necessary for the survival and progress of modern mineral resources exploitation plants. The Greek and Cypriot companies put remarkable efforts towards this target.
  3. Mineral resources are becoming more valuable due to their global exhaustion. Thus, deposits with lower concentration are becoming economically exploitable considering the development of new innovative extractive methods for the recovery of the valuable material.
  4. Environmental issues were extensively discussed due to bad practices of the past. It was concluded that with the implementation of the current environmental laws and regulations modern companies in the mining industry are now aware of the necessity to protect the environment and the principles of Corporate Social Responsibility.
  5. The Government in both countries must include in their planning the exploitation of the Mineral Resources as Development Pillar. This requires simplification of the licensing procedures, which are unacceptably complicated and time consuming.
  6. There is a need for further cooperation between academic institutions and the industry, as well as for continuous training of new scientists.
  7. A permanent cooperation between scientists and relevant stakeholders from Greece and Cyprus would be useful for addressing problems of this nature and to achieve the common goal that is to promote the mining industry and its contribution to development.

These conclusions will be sent to the competent authorities of the Governments of Cyprus and Greece, in an attempt by the scientific community of the mining sector to contribute to a faster economic recovery of both countries.

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