PanAfGeo-2 Mid-term Meeting: Advancing Geoscientific Cooperation for a Stronger Africa
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The PanAfGeo community convened in Brazzaville, Republic of Congo, for the mid-term meeting of the PanAfGeo-2 project. Held at the Grand Lancaster Hotel from May 15th to 16th, 2023, the meeting focused on reviewing project progress and engaging with stakeholders from the Organisation of African Geological Surveys (OAGS) and other organisations.

The opening ceremony on May 15th featured notable officials and representatives from EuroGeoSurveys (EGS) members, the European Union (EU), the Organisation of African Geological Surveys (OAGS) members and United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO). The opening speakers were: i) The representant of Mr. Dieudonné Bantsimba, The Mayor of the city of Brazzaville, ii) Mr. Jean-Claude Guillaneau, PanAfGeo-2 Coordinator, iii) Dr. Julie Hollis, EuroGeoSurveys Secretary-General, iv) Dr. Rokhaya Samba Diene, OAGS President, v) S.E.M. Giacomo Durazzo, Ambassador of the European Union in the Republic of Congo, vi) Mr. Guillaume Prevost, the representant of the Ambassador of France in the Republic of Congo, vii) Mme Fatoumata Barry Marega, UNESCO Resident Representative in the Republic of Congo, viii) S.E.M. Pierre Oba, State Minister, Minister of Mining Industries and Geology of the Republic of Congo.

Dr. Rokhaya Samba Diene led a session, titled “Go Further” on the future of the PanAfGeo-2 project. Speakers discussed perspectives and advice, including Mrs. Catherine Ghyoot from the European Commission DG-INTPA, Dr. Nicolas Charles and Mr. Jean-Claude Guillaneau, PanAfGeo-2 Coordination, and Pr. Félix Toteu, President of the PanAfGeo Advisory Board.

The General Assembly, held in the afternoon, presented the mid-term results for the eight work packages of the PanAfGeo project.

On May 16th, the Advisory Board, led by Prof. Félix Toteu, convened to discuss and provide recommendations for the project. Following the mid-term meeting, a governance workshop was held, focusing on strengthening the Geological Surveys of Africa. Led by Dr. J. Donker of Geological Survey of the Netherlands (TNO), responsible for Work Package F, the workshop was aimed at organisational strengthening, with a focus on data management as a thematic case study.

The meeting was officially closed by S.E.M. Pierre Oba, the State Minister and Minister of Mining Industries and Geology of the Republic of Congo. This mid-term meeting of PanAfGeo-2 showcased the progress made in Africa-EU geoscientific cooperation, fostering collaboration and knowledge exchange for a stronger Africa.

Dive deeper into the details of this impactful gathering and check out the media coverage and captivating photographs from the mid-term meeting. Don’t miss the press release in English (PDF) and French (PDF).

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