The VERAM project aims to produce a Vision and Roadmap for European Raw Materials in 2050 based on raw materials research and innovation (R&I) coordination. Two leading European Technology Platforms […]


The TransEnergy project addressed the key problem of using natural resources that are shared by different countries in a sustainable way. Worldwide there is a growing need for the enhanced […]


The ThermoMap project focused on fostering the information environment on shallow geothermal potential across Europe. The key objective of the ThermoMap project was to provide an adequate, area-covering estimation of the superficial geothermal […]


Terrafirma was one of a number of Service Element projects being run by the European Space Agency under the Global Monitoring for Environment and Security (GMES) initiative. Terrafirma harnessed the […]


The Sustainable Aggregates Resource Management (SARMa) project contributed to the transnational bottom-up approach to Sustainable Aggregates Resource Management (SARM) and ensured a Sustainable Supply Mix (SSM) in 10 participating countries of the South […]


The ProSUM project established a European network of expertise on secondary sources of critical raw materials (CRMs), vital to today’s high-tech society. ProSUM directly supported the European Innovation Partnership (EIP) […]


Promine was a four years long EC project in the area of exploration and efficient use of mineral resources within Europe. The main objective of ProMine was to develop innovative […]


The objective of PanGeo was to enable free and open access to geohazard information in support of the program Copernicus (former GMES – Global Monitoring for Environment and Security), based on the […]


The OneGeology-Europe project (1G-E) has made geological spatial data held by the GeologicalSurveys of Europe more easily discoverable, accessible and shareable. It made a significant contribution to the progress of INSPIRE – i.e. developing systems […]


The MINLAND project was designed to meet challenges concerning competing land-use planning related to different land-use interests. Competition about use of land is fierce within Europe. There is a large […]