The OneGeology-Europe project (1G-E) has made geological spatial data held by the GeologicalSurveys of Europe more easily discoverable, accessible and shareable. It made a significant contribution to the progress of INSPIRE – i.e. developing systems and protocols to better enable the discovery, viewing, downloading and sharing of core European spatial geological data.

This project succeeded in developing a harmonised datamodel (based on existing international standards) for 1:1 million geological map data, and serving these data for 21 countries through OGC-compliant web services in a multilingual portal in 18 languages. The project also succeeded in developing a single licence for use of these data.

The project was funded by the European Commission’s DG Information Society and Media. OneGeology-Europe had 29 partners within the consortium from 20 nations.

To expand on the success of OneGeology-Europe and broaden the scope of pan-European geological information available to EU institutions, stakeholders and the public, 1G-E was adapted to create the European Geological Data Infrastructure (EGDI), launched by EuroGeoSurveys in 2016. All data developed under the 1G-E project, and many more projects that have followed, can now be found in the EGDI portal: