Promine was a four years long EC project in the area of exploration and efficient use of mineral resources within Europe. The main objective of ProMine was to develop innovative concepts and processes for strategic mineral supply and for new high added value mineral-based products. Its consortium covered the entire supply chain from extraction and raw materials manufacturing to mineral products manufacturing and by-product materials utilisation. ProMine focused on two parts of the production chain by targeting extractive and end-user industries.

Central to the themes of ProMine, and in accordance with the cradle-to-grave approach, is the holistic concept that all solid and liquid materials at an exploitation site are potential useful resources, even those traditionally considered as waste. This means that the way a site is exploited becomes environmentally more sustainable, new uses and products can be found for minerals leading to increased profitability, and the dissolved metal emissions and final waste burden will be reduced.

The ProMine consortium, led by Geological Survey of Finland (GTK), included 27 partners from 11 EU member states. Industry partners in the ProMine consortium produce more than 70% of metals in the EU, so implementation of results from the project will translate into direct and significant economic benefits.