At the heart of the collaboration between the Geological Surveys of Europe is an ambition – to establish a sustainable Geological Service for Europe, serving European society through, and beyond, the green transition

The Geological Surveys of Europe are the primary providers of subsurface data, information, and advice that can help the EU to achieve The Green Deal. For example,

  • A secure supply of critical minerals is needed to develop green technologies – new battery technologies for storage of renewable energy, solar panels, wind turbines, geothermal heat pumps, green city infrastructure
  • Knowledge of groundwater quality and quantity is needed to manage agricultural land use, detect and mitigate pollution of drinking water, monitor and plan for extreme flooding events
  • Mapping of the subsurface is needed to manage conflicting surface and subsurface land use, such as farming, urban development, carbon sequestration, geothermal energy exploitation, or storage of hydrogen fuel

These and other important roles can only be filled with the data and expertise of The Geological Surveys of Europe. Fortunately, The Geological Surveys of Europe have a strong collaborative network of experts, already in operation for over 50 years. In the last decade, this collaboration has been focused on the development of a European Geological Data Infrastructure – an open access platform of harmonised, borderless subsurface data that can inform sound science-based European policy in the themes of, for example, land use, urban development, geoenergy, mineral resources, water resources, coastal zone management, geological hazards, geoheritage, and more. This data infrastructure and the collaborative expertise that surrounds it, forms the heart of an envisaged future Geological Service for Europe.

Through a five-year Coordination and Support Action, GSEU, EuroGeoSurveys will deliver a plan for a sustainable Geological Service for Europe to be implemented beyond the 2027 project end. This service will serve European society and inform sound policy in water, energy, raw materials, hazards, and all areas that require subsurface data and expertise. Through this service, we will contribute to environmental sustainability and social well-being in Europe, supported by a powerful and comprehensive digital infrastructure.

More information on the development of a Geological Service for Europe can be found on the GeoERA website.