Role of Subsurface Data in Accelerating Renewable Energy Roll-Out
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EuroGeoSurveys and the Geological Service for Europe support the EU Commission’s publishing guidance and recommendations to accelerate renewable energy roll-out ahead of the REPowerEU anniversary.

The European Green Deal and the EU’s ambitious Net-Zero goals centre around a detailed understanding, strategic and sustainable exploitation of the subsurface. High-quality subsurface pan-European data (on- and off-shore) and geoscientific expertise are crucial to this endeavour. There is no energy transition without geothermal energy, offshore wind energy and energy storage and we cannot reach the Net Zero targets without Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS).

The establishment of the Geological Service for Europe is proposed to provide comprehensive subsurface data and expertise, facilitating faster regulatory approvals, and promoting renewable energy infrastructure deployment. Subsurface data aids in identifying suitable locations for renewable energy projects, supporting the pre-permit phase, and ensuring sustainable exploitation of resources. Moreover, high-quality subsurface data can attract international investment, highlighting European commitment to data-driven project planning and execution. Ultimately, leveraging geological data is essential for achieving the EU’s transition to a sustainable and climate-resilient energy system.

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