The Minerals4EU Foundation, the new private-public bridge for the EU Raw Materials sector
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Brussels, 04 March 2016
Following the huge success of the European Intelligence Network on the Supply of Raw Materials (Minerals4EU) project, the “Minerals Intelligence Infrastructure for Europe” has been legally registered under the form of a Foundation on Friday 4th March 2016. The non-profit Minerals4EU Foundation overall scope is to provide a one-stop-shop to official and verified data, information and knowledge on mineral resources, and to act as contact point through which stakeholders can easily and transparently access its products and expertise.
Among its main services, the Foundation will coordinate the development of the European Union Mineral Resources Knowledge Base infrastructure, in support to European Union affairs, policies and action programmes, and will provide the best available EU expertise and information based on the knowledge of its Members, composing the European Minerals Intelligence Network. Moreover, the Minerals4EU Foundation will respond to specific requests from the European Union, or will formulate proposals for actions of interest to the EU.
The Foundation is governed by a Management Board overseeing the whole management of the organization and composed of both private and public sector key EU stakeholders representing the whole mineral resources value chain. It is expected that the services put in place will ultimately serve to boost EU economy and competitiveness in the field of Raw Materials.

The Minerals4EU project delivered a European Minerals Knowledge Data Platform (EU-MKDP). The Platform contains a Mineral Resources Database, Map Viewer, Foresight studies and the European Minerals Yearbook, first digital reliable source of information on minerals statistics and intelligence in Europe.
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