The new era of minerals development in Africa
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The new era of minerals development in Africa

To develop business opportunities in Africa while involving the local populations in the process

Brussels, 9 February 2015
It is commonly acknowledged that African minerals resources are severely under-exploited, especially because still unexplored or classified.
On the 8th and 9th February 2015 in Cape Town, South Africa, at the EuroGeoSurveys (EGS) and the Organisation of African Geological Surveys (OAGS) Workshop, the roadmap will be shared of PanAfGeo, an ambitious Project aiming at increasing knowledge and skills in African Geological Surveys. Improving the capacities of geological administrations and filling the gap in the collection, harmonization and sharing of geological map data on the African continent are the pillars to ensure business opportunities in Africa. These capacities become essential especially for mining exploration activities.

The preliminary phase of PanAfGeo was the feasibility study “Geoscientific Knowledge and Skills in African Geological Surveys” carried out jointly by EGS-OAGS Members and key stakeholders such as EC, AUC, UNESCO, UNECA/AMDC, UNDP, World Bank, etc.
PanAfGeo covers the entirety of the African continent and it develops a capacity building scheme, through the creation of a decentralized specialization school for African professionals. Trainings and adequate infrastructures will empower OAGS as coordination body ensuring that the know-how is transferred and shared among African Surveys. The geological cooperation is considered one of the most important and urgent needs to exploit minerals resources potential in Africa and its sustainable development. Commenting, Mr.Koen Verbruggen, EuroGeoSurveys President and Director of the Geological Survey of Ireland said “The launch of PanAfGeo initiative in Mining INDABA 2015 provides an opportunity to publicise and promote this important programme which will develop African geological datasets and knowledge. The local Geological Surveys play a strategic role in the economic growth and poverty reduction strategies”.

The report has been jointly prepared by EGS and OAGS on behalf of the European Commission’s DG Development and Cooperation (DEVCO) and with the support and additional supervision of DG Enterprise and Industry (ENTR). The scope focuses on one key priority of the Joint Africa-EU Strategy Action Plan 2011-2013, which is to ‘foster further co-operation between African and European Geological Surveys’.

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